Project Launch: Climate Change and Global Value Chains in the Garment and Textile Industries of Europe and Bangladesh

In this webinar, we will introduce the new research and research capacity building project that investigates how the European garment and textile industries are being reconfigured in response to climate change. Funding for the project is granted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and administered by the Danida Fellowship Center at Copenhagen, Denmark (“DFC").


The project (Jul 2021- Jun 2025) is being undertaken in collaboration between the Copenhagen Business School, Roskilde University, Aalborg University (in Denmark), University of Durham (UK), and BRAC University (Bangladesh). Private sector partners in the project include the Joint Ethical Trading Initiatives (Denmark, UK, Norway, and Bangladesh) and Danish Fashion & Textile.


Peter Lund-Thomsen (CBS), Professor Dr Rahim B Talukdar (Centre for Entrepreneurship Development, BRAC University), Mohammad Bakhtiar Rana (Aalborg University Business School), and Lone Riisgaard (Roskilde University) will introduce the project and outline some of the key challenges related to addressing climate change in the garment and textile industries in Bangladesh and Europe from a variety of academic perspectives.


Abil Amin (ETI Bangladesh) and a brand representative (TBC) will discuss the opportunities of and challenges to climate change mitigation and adaptation in these industries from practitioner perspectives followed by a Q&A from the webinar participants.


In the second part of the webinar, Rachel Alexander, Visiting Researcher at the CBS, will present the results of an initial mapping of the value chain stakeholders involved in addressing climate change challenges in the European and Bangladesh garment and textile industries.


Finally, the UK, Danish, and Norwegian Ethical Trading initiatives will briefly highlight important aspects of their own works in this area and mention possible next steps for the research and involving priorities for the project, and possibilities for getting involved will be debated by Beverley Hall (UK-Ethical Trading Initiative), Sarah Dieckmann (Danish Ethical Trading Initiative), Marthe Røssaak (Ethical Trade Norway), and Marie Busck (Danish Fashion & Textile). 



15.00-15.30 Introduction to Climate Change and Value Chains Project

  • Peter Lund-Thomsen, Copenhagen Business School
  • Professor Dr Rahim B Talukdar, CED-BRACU
  • Mohammad Bakhtiar Rana, Aalborg University
  • Lone Riisgaard, Roskilde University


15.30-16.00 Practitioner Perspectives

  • Abil Amin, Joint ETI Office, Bangladesh
  • A Brand Representative (TBC)
  • Comments/Queries from ETI/Danish Fashion and Textile Membership

16.00-16.10 Break

16.10-16.30 Results from climate change and garment/textile value chain mapping

  • Rachel Alexander, Visiting Researcher, CBS
  • Q&A

16.30-17.00 Next Steps: Perspectives from Joint Ethical Trading Initiatives and Danish Fashion and Textile

  • Beverley Hall (UK-ETI)
  • Sarah Dieckmann (DIEH)
  • Marthe Røssaak (ETN)
  • Marie Busck (DFT)

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Praktisk information

Dato og tid

November 15th 2021
3.00 PM-5.00 PM (Central European Time),

2.00 PM-4.00 PM (GMT)

8.00 PM-10.00 PM (Bangladesh Standard Time)



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