DIEH offers new risk management system in 2016

In 2016 DIEH will introduce ITS members to a new risk management programme. The programme, called RAID, will aid users in mapping the social and environmental risks in their supply chains, more effectively.

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DIEH reaches out to Minister of Business & Growth

On November 17 2015 the Danish Minister of Business and Growth, Troels Lund Poulsen, announced the governments decision to suspend the Danish council for Corporate Responsibility.

Yesterday, December 16 2015, DIEH forwarded a letter to Troels Lund Poulsen, following the minstry's decision to terminate the councils work.

In the letter, DIEH calls attention to the importance of ongoing dialogue and discussions about CSR-related issues and solutions among Danish companies, NGO’s, business associations, authorities, and public institutions.

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Brev til Erhvervs- og vækstministeriet

My first three weeks at DIEH

Earlier this month, DIEH welcomed Mette Boye as the new Director of DIEH. During her first few weeks at DIEH, Mette has taken the opportunity to meet several DIEH members, learn her way around the Secretariat and give some thought to DIEH’S future role and responsibilities. A late afternoon at DIEH, we had a talk with Mette about her first impressions as Director as well as her strategic reflections on behalf of DIEH.

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Who picks your tomatoes?

Today, the ethical trading initiatives of Norway, England and Denmark (ETI, IEH and DIEH) have released a new report about the extensive exploitation of migrant workers in the Italian tomato industry. The report also presents a series of tools and recommendations for the food sector.

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Danish pension funds linked to land grabbing and deforestation

Seven out of ten Danish pension funds invest in companies that produce palm oil - the worlds cheapest food oil.  A recent report by Danwatch reveals that these pension funds are investing in companies that are responsible land grabbing in Africa and deforestation in Asia.

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Responsible sourcing standards in the pharmaceutical industry

On November 13 2015, the Danish Ethical Trading initiative (DIEH) facilitated a network meeting for companies and stakeholders in the pharmaceutical industry where participants were invited to share their reflections on how to update standards and implement the UNGPs in their supply chain management. The framework of the discussion took base in Novo Nordisk’s work on aligning their Responsible Sourcing (RS) standards with the pharmaceutical industry standards (Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Initiative, PSCI), while meeting the requirements of the UN Guiding Principles on business and human rights.

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SAC, Higg Index & the communication road map

On November 11 2015, the Danish Ethical Trading initiative (DIEH) facilitated a seminar about the SAC and the Higg Index. The Higg Index is the core driver of the SAC. It includes a suite of tools empowering brands, retailers and facilities of all sizes to measure their environmental, social and labour impacts - and identify areas for improvement.

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Ethical Trade & Human Rights Forum

DIEH joined more than 300 international delegates in London October 19th and 20th, for the Ethical Trade and Human Rights Forum organized by ETI UK and Innovation Forum. The conference looked at how we can move beyond the incremental progress of an audit and CSR-based era, to a future of transformative and scalable change for sustainable trade. 

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New Secretariat Director at DIEH

The Danish Ethical Trading initiatives is pleased to announce that Mette Boye will be taking on the role as Secretariat Director at DIEH.

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Danish business potential in Africa

Wednesday October 21 2015 DIEH joined Børsen's Africa Conference - an inspiring full-day conference that zoomed in on the vast potential of Africa from a financial, agricultural,energy, telecommunications and development perspective.

DIEH joined a range of government representatives, businesses and development organisations and gained insight into the growth potential of Danish companies in Africa, and how the Danish business model can play a significant role in creating a sustainable development across the continent.

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Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs invites Danish companies to Bangladesh

Join the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dansk Fashion & Textile, and the Danish Federation of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises on a delegation visit to Bangladesh. The delegation visit aims to find suitable producers and suppliers for Danish Companies.

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DIEH celebrates CSR initiates at 2015 CSR Awards

On October 7th DIEH joined 700 CSR professionals from a broad range of industries to celebrate the most significant CSR initiatives of 2015.

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Feature: The Danish Family Planning Association

Last month DIEH welcomed the Danish Family Planning Association (DFPA), known in Denmark as Sex & Samfund, as its newest member.

This month you can read about DFPA and their perspective on the importance of women's rights in the context of ethical trade.

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New Danwatch report: Chinese students forced to work in IT factories

Danwatch releases new report that reveals forced labour in the global suppply chain of IT equipment - equipment that finds its way to Danish Universities and other public institutions.

The investigation "Servants of Servers" sheds light on the role and power of public procurement in sparking positive change amongst global companies, as a means to improve the working conditions for millions of workers.

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Following the release of "Servants of Servers", Electronics Watch has released an info video that calls attention to the role of universities in combatting forced labour in the IT industry.

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DIEH Welcomes new member

DIEH is pleased to announce that the Danish Family Planning association/ Sex & Samfund has become a member of DIEH.

The Danish Family Planning Association/Sex & Samfund is a private NGO that engages in national and international activities that raise awareness of human rights issues related to health and sex education.

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World's Best News Day

Today we celebrate Best News Day. This Morning DIEH joined members of Parliament, representatives from Danish Companies, NGO's, and organisations at Copenhagen City Hall to convey to the Danish public, the good news on social progress and development around the globe.

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Feature: Sociability

This past Summer DIEH welcomed several new members; Sociability was one of them. This month, we have zoned in on Sociability and are pleased to share their perspective on ethical trade and responsible business development, their current challenges and thoughts about their DIEH membership with you.

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New report: child labour on the rise

According to a recent report by Tulane University, Child labour in the West African cocoa sector is on the rise.

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H&M Conscious Foundation launches innovation competition

H&M Conscious Foundation has launched its first Global Change award - one of the world’s biggest innovation challenges and the first of its kind in the fashion industry. The goal of the competition is to catalyse “green” ideas that can contribute to the development of a more sustainable fashion industry.

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Ethical Trade and Human rights Forum, London, October 19-20

DIEH members are invited to join the Ethical Trade and Human Rights Forum in London.

Created with the Ethical Trading Initiative, this multi-stakeholder conference presents how we can move beyond the incremental progress of an audit and CSR-based era, to a future of transformative and scalable change for sustainable trade. 

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Tvangsarbejde i usbekisk bomuldsindustri

D. 9 og 10. juni deltog DIEH i Cotton Campaign Europe Network i Berlin. Mødet blev arrangeret af Anti-Slavery International og havde til formål at tilvejebringe den seneste viden om bomuldsindustrien i Centralasien (især Usbekistan og Turkmenistan), diskutere strategier for engagement i Europa, samt at identificere muligheder for samarbejde og gensidige mål for de tilstedeværende organisationer.

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Kritisable arbejdsforhold i italiensk landbrug

Ny rapport: Immigranter beskæftiget i italiensk landbrug lever og arbejder fortsat under kritisable forhold.

En ny rapport udarbejdet af Doctors for Human Rights har set dagens lys. Rapporten: UNFAIR LAND, dokumenterer, hvordan immigranter, som er beskæftiget i det italienske landbrug fortsat arbejder under kritisable forhold. Rapporten er baseret på 788 interviews med immigrantarbejdere, som har fundet sted henover 11 måneder.

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Regional etisk handel workshop afholdt i Kenya

Onsdag d. 17. juni afholdte Local Resources Network den første regionale multi-stakeholder workshop om muligheder og udfordringer inden for etisk handel.

Flere end 65 virksomheder, producenter, leverandører, fagforeninger, NGO’er og udviklingsorganisationer deltog i workshoppen, hvor de blandt andet udvekslede erfaringer, diskuterede best practice og opbyggede netværk. 

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DIEH afholder workshop om etisk handel i Kenya

Hvilke sociale og miljømæssige problemstillinger bør vi forholde os til I lokale og globale forsyningskæder? Hvilke muligheder og udfordringer står virksomheder og organisationer overfor når de skal forbedre arbejdstager rettigheder på fabrikker og plantager?

Dette er blot nogle af spørgsmål som i dag bliver besvaret når DIEH og de tilsvarende initiativer i Norge og England afholder den første Local Resources Network (LRN) workshop i Nairobi, kenya.

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World Day Against Child Labour

120 millioner. Så mange børnearbejdere findes der på verdensplan i aldersgruppen 5- 14 år, Ifølge ILO. Børnearbejde er en knugende velkendt problemstilling, som er rodfæstet i fattigdom, manglen på anstændigt arbejde for voksne, social beskyttelse og skolegang for børn.

I år sætter ”World Day Against Child Labour” spot på vigtigheden af uddannelse, som er en af grundstenene i bekæmpelsen af børnearbejde. 

Det er en dag som DIEH støtter op om, og som vi blandt andet markerer ved, at kaste lys på nogle af de tiltag vores medlemmer har igangsat som led i deres arbejde for at skabe en bedre verden

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Åben dialog om "The True Cost" hos DIEH

Fredag d. 29. maj havde dokumentarfilmen ”The True Cost” verdenspremiere. Dokumentarfilmen går bagom modebranchen og tager et kritisk blik på ”fast fashion” og det aftryk som modebranchen sætter på på mennesker og miljø.

Tirsdag d. 2 juni åbnede DIEH dørene til en visning af dokumentarfilmen og efterfølgende debat.

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Ny kritisk dokumentar om modebranchen

Fredag d. 29. maj 2015 fik dokumentarfilmen “The True Cost” verdenspræmiere. Dokumentaren handler om det tøj vi køber, de mennesker som producerer tøjet og det aftryk som modebranchen sætter på mennesker og miljø.

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Training: Implementing the UN Guiding Principles on Business & Human Rights in practice

Danish Ethical Trading Initiative and Social Accountability International, SAI organize a two-day training event in Copenhagen, Denmark. It helps you by giving a high level explanation on the scope and content of UN Guiding Principles and in particular with a 6 step plan allowing practical implementation in your supply chain.

Date: 20-21st May 2015

Time: 09:00 – 17:00

Venue: DIEH Hub, Overgaden Oven Vandet 10 st., 1415 Copenhagen K

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Seminar: The Higg Index – Sko- og tøjindustriens nye Ø-mærke?

De senere år har der været mange bud på CSR-værktøjer til at måle produkters sociale- og miljømæssige belastninger.

Et af dem er The Higg Index, et værktøj  baseret på gensidig gennemsigtighed og på at lette partnerskabssamarbejdet. 

Bag Higg Index er Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC); en multistakeholder organisation, hvor medlemmerne tilsammen står for 40% af det globale marked for sko og tøj. 

Vil du vide mere om Higg Index og Sustainaible Apparal Coalition, SAC så kom til møde i DIEH Hub, Dansk Initiativ for Etisk Handel.

Tilmelding senest 26. marts kl. 14.00 til Elsebeth Dam Nordlund, edn@dieh.dk

Program og baggrund

Mandagmorgen: Ny udbudslov giver grønne virksomheder flere vinderkort

Onsdag den 18. marts lander Danmarks nye udbudslov. Med den står samfundsansvar og bæredygtighed til at få tungere vægt, når det offentlige køber ind. Mens Dansk Erhverv bakker op, kritiserer flere ngo’er loven for ikke at give nok opmærksomhed til menneskerettigheder. Dansk Initiativ for Etisk Handels formand Birgitte Qvist-Sørensen mener at de mange milliarder, som det offentlige køber ind for, har potentiale til at gøre en solid samfundsansvarlig forskel.

Læs artiklen i Mandagmorgen
(det kræver abonnement til Mandagmorgen at få adgang til hele artiklen)


Ny rapport om tøjindustrien i Bangladesh

Ny Rapport sætter spot på krænkelser og magt i tøjindustrien i Bangladesh.

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DEBATARRANGEMENT - Etiske offentlige indkøb

Dansk Initiativ for Etisk Handel og Mæglings- og klageinstitutionen for offentlig virksomhedsansvar afholdt den 3. marts debatmøde på Frederiksberg Rådhus om det offentliges ansvar for at respektere menneskerettigheder i leverandørkæden. 70 deltagere fra kommuner og regioner, private virksomheder, faglige organisationer, NGOer samt lokalpolitikere diskuterede forventningerne til det offentlige, hvad der skal til for at etablere et system for ansvarlig leverandørstyring i offentlige indkøb, og hvordan kan man gøre det i praksis?

Program og baggrund

Ledig stilling - DIEH søger en dygtig og engageret kommunikationsmedarbejder/journalist


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Pilottræning – Foreningsfrihed og Kollektiv forhandling

Torsdag d. 15. januar 2015 afholdte DIEH et pilotkursus i Worker Voice and Representation – the Right to Freedom of Association (FoA) and Collective Bargaining (CB) i samarbejde med ETI og Stirling Smith. Stirling Smith har i mange år arbejdet som konsulent for en lang række af virksomheder, herunder medlemmer af ETI, og som konsulent for bl.a. ILO, DIFID, NGOer mv, han er endvidere en af ETIs fast trænere.

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