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DIEH is the Danish focal point of ethical trade.
DIEH brings companies, public organisations, business associations, trade unions and NGO’s together to develop concrete and sustainable solutions to ethical challenges in global value chains.


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New initiative at DIEH - Members Day

As the first of several new initiatives, DIEH launched a new outreach initiative on January 18 entitled Medlemmernes Dag - Members Day. The purpose of Members Day is to establish a closer relation to our individual members to ensure that we stay abreast of developments among our member organistions; and that our activities remain relevant, inspirational, and create value for all DIEH members.

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Dansk Supermarked Group to implement new SDG's

On January 28 2016, DIEH facilitated a "closed" network meeting about retailer, Dansk Supermarked Groups materiality - and assessment process concerning the new Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

We were joined by representative from Danish companies, business associations, and NGO's who gathered to provide valuable input to Dansk Supermarked Groups implementation of the SDG's across their core business.


Broken Promises, New report by Danwatch

On January 22 2016, Danwatch released a new report, which exposes human rights abuses by the government and mining companies in Mozambique. According to the report, Broken Promises, the government and mining companies resettles two villages to remote towns where food and water was scarce, in order to extract coke in the Benga-mine in the Tete-province.

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DIEH offers new risk management system in 2016

In 2016 DIEH will introduce DIEH members to a new risk management programme. The programme, which is called SaaS - Software as Service - will aid users in mapping the social and environmental risks in their supply chains, more effectively.

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DIEH reaches out to Minister of Business & Growth

On November 17 2015 the Danish Minister of Business and Growth, Troels Lund Poulsen, announced the governments decision to suspend the Danish council for Corporate Responsibility.

Yesterday, December 16 2015, DIEH forwarded a letter to Troels Lund Poulsen, following the minstry's decision to terminate the councils work.

In the letter, DIEH calls attention to the importance of ongoing dialogue and discussions about CSR-related issues and solutions among Danish companies, NGO’s, business associations, authorities, and public institutions.

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My first three weeks at DIEH

Earlier this month, DIEH welcomed Mette Boye as the new Director of DIEH. During her first few weeks at DIEH, Mette has taken the opportunity to meet several DIEH members, learn her way around the Secretariat and give some thought to DIEH’S future role and responsibilities. A late afternoon at DIEH, we had a talk with Mette about her first impressions as Director as well as her strategic reflections on behalf of DIEH.

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Who picks your tomatoes?

Today, the ethical trading initiatives of Norway, England and Denmark (ETI, IEH and DIEH) have released a new report about the extensive exploitation of migrant workers in the Italian tomato industry. The report also presents a series of tools and recommendations for the food sector.

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Danish pension funds linked to land grabbing and deforestation

Seven out of ten Danish pension funds invest in companies that produce palm oil - the worlds cheapest food oil.  A recent report by Danwatch reveals that these pension funds are investing in companies that are responsible land grabbing in Africa and deforestation in Asia.

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SAC, Higg Index & the communication road map

On November 11 2015, the Danish Ethical Trading initiative (DIEH) facilitated a seminar about the SAC and the Higg Index. The Higg Index is the core driver of the SAC. It includes a suite of tools empowering brands, retailers and facilities of all sizes to measure their environmental, social and labour impacts - and identify areas for improvement.

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Tvangsarbejde i usbekisk bomuldsindustri

D. 9 og 10. juni deltog DIEH i Cotton Campaign Europe Network i Berlin. Mødet blev arrangeret af Anti-Slavery International og havde til formål at tilvejebringe den seneste viden om bomuldsindustrien i Centralasien (især Usbekistan og Turkmenistan), diskutere strategier for engagement i Europa, samt at identificere muligheder for samarbejde og gensidige mål for de tilstedeværende organisationer.

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Seminar: The Higg Index – Sko- og tøjindustriens nye Ø-mærke?

De senere år har der været mange bud på CSR-værktøjer til at måle produkters sociale- og miljømæssige belastninger.

Et af dem er The Higg Index, et værktøj  baseret på gensidig gennemsigtighed og på at lette partnerskabssamarbejdet. 

Bag Higg Index er Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC); en multistakeholder organisation, hvor medlemmerne tilsammen står for 40% af det globale marked for sko og tøj. 

Vil du vide mere om Higg Index og Sustainaible Apparal Coalition, SAC så kom til møde i DIEH Hub, Dansk Initiativ for Etisk Handel.

Tilmelding senest 26. marts kl. 14.00 til Elsebeth Dam Nordlund,

Program og baggrund

Mandagmorgen: Ny udbudslov giver grønne virksomheder flere vinderkort

Onsdag den 18. marts lander Danmarks nye udbudslov. Med den står samfundsansvar og bæredygtighed til at få tungere vægt, når det offentlige køber ind. Mens Dansk Erhverv bakker op, kritiserer flere ngo’er loven for ikke at give nok opmærksomhed til menneskerettigheder. Dansk Initiativ for Etisk Handels formand Birgitte Qvist-Sørensen mener at de mange milliarder, som det offentlige køber ind for, har potentiale til at gøre en solid samfundsansvarlig forskel.

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Upcoming event

Debatmøde: Fødevaresektor med fod på etikken

Dato:   10. feb 2016

Tid:     10:00 - 13:00

Sted:   DIEH Hub, Overgaden oven Vandet København K

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DIEH welcomes Sex & Samfund to DIEH

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